Preschool Near Me

Find an Engaging Preschool Near Me


Preschools are an important part of childhood. When you want to find a preschool near me in the Bronx, it’s all about finding one that will engage your child. You don’t want a basic babysitter. Instead, you want someone who will lay the educational building blocks for your young child.


Preschool offers some incredible benefits. You’ll be able to have your child build social skills because of being around other preschoolers. Plus, you’ll know that they’re learning all sorts of neat things each and every day. Our staff loves to teach – and it shows with what your child will learn.


We want the very best for your preschooler, just like you do. When you want to find a preschool near me, we’re here for you. Call or stop in today to First Step Family Group Daycare so that we can show you around our facility.