Affordable Daycare

Finally! Affordable Daycare in the Bronx


One of the top reasons why parents choose not to place their kids into any kind of daycare is because they are concerned about the costs. However, affordable daycare is available in the Bronx. You simply have to know where to look.


At First Step Family Group Daycare, we pride ourselves on affordable weekly rates. This includes all of their care, lunch and snacks every day, and so much more. You’ll find that our rates are highly competitive with other daycares in the area, too.


It’s important to find affordable daycare so that your child can learn to socialize. Introducing them to other kids their age is an important part of development. While it might be hard to part with your child, whether they’re an infant or a toddler, it’s necessary. We’re here to help you with the transition and answer any questions that you might have.